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Oct 13, 2012 5:00pm PDT
a mayor from the civil rights academy of harvey milk? we would be proud of that. i want to welcome everybody back. i know you had a great summer. i want you to approach this school like a sponge, soak up everything that you can learn. it is great to have knowledge about everything going on in the world, what is going on in the city. by the way, i will be supporting your parents and teachers and faculty to make this the best school in san francisco. how about that? [applause] and you are starting out fantastic. this is what san francisco is about. all the parents involved children and faculty to make this the best school. you have a mayor that will pay attention to our school, education, make sure you get the best education, because i want you to have my job some day. how about that? welcome back, welcome to the great school of harvey milk. you have a wonderful faculty who is going to teach you and expose you to a lot of different things to keep you active. we are going to help the city make sure your after-school programs are solid. thank you and have a great year. welcome back. [a
Oct 12, 2012 2:30am PDT
a better school. it also led in part to the landmark civil rights place -- decision, brown vs. board of education. my grandmother and her sisters realized early on that education was important for their survival. their unshakeable persistence and unflinching sacrifice led them to better lives. not only did they had -- have to do with racism but the belief that a woman's place was in the home and in this case on the farm doing the chores like cooking, cleaning, milking the cow and cutting wood. this is the 1930's. you have to cut wood for everything. as i mentioned earlier prince edward county was not interested in educating colored children but my grandmother and her sisters were persistent and found a school in the neighboring county of appomattox which was down the street from the courthouse where general robert e. lee surrendered to general ulysses s. grant that ended the civil war. once they found that school that had the next calabash task of convincing their father they should go to school. and the way they convinced him was by saying we will take care of the chores on the farm
Oct 12, 2012 2:00am PDT
. ida wells, the unyielding upon it to a lynching. rosa parks, of course, the mother of the modern civil rights movement and on and on. gwendolyn brooks, tommy morrison -- toni morrison. wonderful writers. awe still have a ways to go, we hav a long ways to go. as an author to have helped our human rights commission read the agenda we have a ways to go. [applause] that is why i look at the audience, i see a lot of people that will help us get there. our board of supervisors are here, our other elected officials, the treasure is here. members from all the other communities are here. because it is not just something the african-american community can do. the chinese -- a chinese person can help with the advantage to agenda. a latino person can help. a korean person can help. a gay person can help. everyone can help accomplish the unfinished agenda for everyone. i often talk about partnerships. we have to partner with our african-american community to get things done and that will be the only correct way to get things done. is that partnership. [applause] so when i make announcements, when t
Oct 6, 2012 11:00am PDT
've been on it. and i would hope eventually that we would be able to conform with title 6 of the civil rights act which means we'd provide languages for everybody. languages change from time to time. now we're getting more arabic languages and in the future we may get more of the southern african languages based on the number of refugees we see moving around. and we also find the governor and president are willing to provide the dream act. and, so, we have some new hope. but we haven't gotten to the legalization of the undocumented. it has not moved, in spite of the fact mayor bloomberg supports it. and he thinks we need them, and certainly is true and he thinks they would pay taxes and build communities. also, professor silbani from stanford thinks that they will -- are we under two minutes, too? oh, well, i just want to call
Oct 9, 2012 8:00pm PDT
be taken into consideration as argument of>c[0 civil rights against an individual. falsely as it turned out later]ij1u of raping a young woman with a coke bottle in the st. francisúc hotel which ruined his career. is it a spectacle we crave in i> strongly suspect that should ross regains+íhl his elected position that san franciscans will be given a spectacle of7ñm, a long and hard working -- to show himself at the hel&m%sh mp of these issues with personal integrity and that is something which i submit we ei-are sorely in need of in this town. thank you9 p. >> well, i've been praying that i6g the lord would have me say the right words here and i've heard a lot of good speeches tor l. the best was that asian lady with the massage. that was a good÷Ñjpv one. this is totally reinstate him, give him double back pay and it's!z!/ all right. you should believe his wife also. okay? believe his wife. now -- and also i think the sheriff should go in there and sit down and dare anybody to arrest him, because he has been elec
Oct 11, 2012 10:30pm PDT
with the community-based agencies and civil rights organizations that have had a very delivered reason to engage me on this, we will not be implementing the stop and frisk programs or variations of that here in san francisco. [applause] we do not wish to be distracted from the real reason we are here. we love our kids. we love our families in the bayview whether they are in sunnyvale or alice griffith or potrero hill or in the mission. we love them so much that we have to do more to care for them. we have to find those connections. [applause] there are too many stories that we are hearing from our clergy when it is too late. when we are having those individual funerals, when our parents and their brothers and sisters are crying over things that have already happened, where the jobs that we are creating did not reach these unfortunate young kids or our police commissioners and police chief working in concert with adult probation, juvenile probation, did not quite get the person who signed these papers, put their names to it saying, "i will not go back to where our was found with a gun or associate w
Oct 11, 2012 7:30pm PDT
you very much. any other questions, colleagues? all right. i want to thank everyone who has presented and talked about -- and especially the civil grand jury for all of your hard work. obviously you put a lot of time and effort into this. i want to thank the different department heads that are here and those that are no longer here for coming out today. so before we get to our resolution and what we will adopt, i'd like to open this up for public comment. if there are any members of the public that wish to comment on this item, i have a number of cards. i will call you up to speak but otherwise if members of the public want to line up, you can come up one by one. everyone will have two minutes. michael adaro, paula dattish, bruce jesse, jane blotchy, and richard rothman. sorry if i butchered any of those 2345eu78s. forward. everyone will have two minutes. please line up on this side of the room. >> hello. mike adisaro, former past chairman of the liaison committee for the street artists program and i would like to play a small clip. this is from 1972. >> president farrell: sf gtv. we'
Oct 11, 2012 4:30pm PDT
partially. we're proud of what we do but we don't have the actual data to support a strict finding right now so that would be my recommendation. and tom, i think you've heard a lot of great comments, not only from the civil grand jury but department heads and public comment of things. and i think some of our questioning that would be great to see going forward. so that would be my recommendation. for finding number one. for the recommendations, i'll take recommendations one through three almost together here. this is talking about increasing the number of commissioners, the at large commissioners, establishing a citizens advisory committee, or a nonprofit organization that talked about tom talked about a friends organization. again, we have a few ways we're able to respond here somewhat restrictive. what i'm going to suggest is that our responses that this requires further analysis i think. i know tom, being somewhat new in this role and it's great to hear that the civil grand jury obviously thinks highly of the current staff and is hopeful of what will happen in the future. i suggest as you
Oct 11, 2012 8:00pm PDT
that was a long list colleagues. any comments, questions, additional thoughts? all right. seeing a motion with those findings? >> resolution as amended. >> seconded. >> so we can do that without objection. again, i want to thank the civil grand jury for your work on this. you highlight issues that would not have been brought to light otherwise. again, understand that we may agree, disagree, or understand that we are constrained by certain budget issues that make us kind of punt things down the line until next fiscal year but i want to thank you for your work on this. this is a great report and i know we will see you in a few weeks on other items as well. thanks for your help. we can do that without objection. >> what action would you like on the hearing? >> president farrell: table item no. 2, and we can do that resolution with full recommendation. all right, madam clerk, can you call item 1. >> a motion revising the priorities of the budget and legislative analyst 2012 performance audit schedule. >> president farrell: thanks very much. we have -- from our budget budgd legislative analyst
Oct 7, 2012 8:30am PDT
what their responsibilities are and to educate employees of what their rights are. >> again, no answer to proactive verification. >> i will continue with the mayor's response to the civil grand jury. for finding number 2, i don't think the department responded to that one t city has not investigated related surcharges to determine whether employees are generating [inaudible] that we did disagree with that finding, the mayor supported and signed legislation amending the health care security ordinance and looked specifically at this issue, we are going to put a fine point to in the next year's report. so, finding 11, employees with would or more employers would have two or more hra's for what constitutes medical expenses and with differing time limits, so we said partially disagree because there wasn't a partially agree answer, while there could be two or more hra's which is absolutely true, time limits are now standardized as per the 2011 amendment. finding 12, hra's may not be an allowable option in reading the requirements, partially disagree, just in that we simply don't know what th
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)